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From EurocalzadosNavarra.com along with the collaboration of Evobas and Kobox proceed to carry out informal monthly drawings TOTALLY FREE.

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Winner [ Gola bag ] July Draw :

Inmaculada Miralles (Madrid)

Winner [ Puma jersey ] July Draw :

Coanon Raphael (Francia)

Previous Winners

June : Susana Dosaigües (Valencia) / Fernando Segarra (Castellón)
May : María del Mar Pardiñas (Málaga) / Cipriano Moreno (Cádiz)
April Draw : Chelo Molina Aparicio (Sevilla) / Ignacio Benedet Jiménez (Barcelona)
December Draw : Joaquín Roldán Fernández (Oviedo)
November Draw : Martín Rubio Guardado (Barcelona)
October Draw : Judit Romano García (Oviedo)
September Draw : Javier Velasco Barbero (Salamanca)
August Draw : Jose Antonio Cotan Carmona (Sevilla)

Contest Rules

- The draw will take place among those registered and / or accessing your account at EurocalzadosNavarra.com (it is FREE) during the month prior to conducting the draw. (If the April, would be during the month of March)
- Participants in the draw allow the publication of the name / email if they are winners.
- Only one
entry per participant, if we find multiple accounts be excluded from the draw without prior notice.
- We need to add a shipping address. If the data supplied by the person to be incorrect, be excluded from the draw without prior notice.
- Can participate only persons residing in the coverage area of EurocalzadosNavarra.com (Spain, Andorra, France, Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Italy, Britain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic , Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).
- Two winners are selected by lot at random from among all participants using a computer program. His name became public on the draw.
- The first recipient chooses a bag brand Gola. You can see the models here.
- The second winner chooses a T-shirt Puma Series Basic or Fashion (for men) or Basic or Lang Series (for women). You can see the models HERE.
There are limitations of models, sizes and colors. If you do not have your model or size or color, you must select another addition to the list.
- Shipping is FREE.
- If the winner does not claim their prize before the next draw, the prize will be forfeited.
- After sending the add selected by the winner can not be changed.
- The rules of play may change at any time without notice.
- Continued monthly drawing is subject only to our will, so may be canceled at any time.


From EurocalzadosNavarra.com collaboration we would like to thank the following online communities :
- Evobas evolution online game (www.evobas.org)
- Boxing manager Kobox online (www.kobox.org)

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